Positive News - how energy in the UK has transformed in a decade

It's been a while since we did our last Q Recommends post and brought you some interesting content to read/listen/watch while enjoying your first coffee of the week.

In the current environment dominated by doom and gloom, we thought that it's a good time to share something a little bit more positive, to inspire you to start the week on a slightly more optimistic note before catching up with the latest news and facing these concerning times. 

Love for the planet is at the heart of Q Instant, and we were really happy to find out that in 2019, the UK hit a major energy milestone: as renewable power sources produced more electricity than fossil fuels did for the first time. The number of coal-fired plant stations has decreased from 18 in 2010 to 6 in 2020 and further 2 of these are due to close by the end of the month. Meanwhile, the wind power has accelerated, as we now have 37 off-shore wind farms (compared to only 7 in 2010) and they are producing over 20% of our energy supply. 

The full article and interesting infographic can be found here: 


Stay positive, don't let the worrying environment get you and stay safe! And... if you want to make sure you can have good coffee at home, Q Instant is always there for you! 

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