Stress and happiness - how can we train ourselves to live a stress-proof life

It's already beginning of September, time to wrap up summer holidays and get back into our daily routines. Back to school time is exciting time of the year but the end of the summer also means that days are going to get busier and  life might get a little stressful. 

That's why this week's Q Recommends blog post - our weekly coffee time content recommendation -  is about Deliciously Ella podcast episode with Dr Mithu Storoni, where she discusses stress and how our brain responds to stressful situations. This insightful episode takes a deep dive into our brain and reveals that stress is capable of both - help and harm us. The secret to living a stress-proof life is our ability to recognise stress and use it in a way that powers us to achieve our peak performance, while letting go of a stress that harms us.

The full podcast episode can be found on acast or any other podcast player, just search for Deliciously Ella podcast episode called How Our Brains Control Our Happiness.