The link between coffee consumption and health

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide (it's estimated that more than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year) and naturally, it has been the subject of various research studies which have reached mixed conclusions as to whether coffee consumption is beneficial or harmful to our health. 

We always believed that caffeine brings more benefits than harm (how surprising for a coffee brand to say this I hear you think!)  but now there is an umbrella review (umbrella reviews review existing meta-analyses - statistical analyses that combine the results of multiple scientific studies) published by the British Medical Journal which confirms that coffee is good for you! The research review  201 meta-analyses and found coffee consumption “more often than not associated with benefit rather than harm for a range of health outcomes.” .

Across almost all health outcomes reviewed, coffee consumption was found to either not increase risk or actually decrease risk to negative health outcomes. From diabetes and cirrhosis, to most cancers and cardiovascular disease, coffee consumption was seen to be generally safe with occasional mild benefits. The optimal safest maximum volume one should consume is concluded to be three to five cups a day. 

You probably didn't even need an excuse to drink more coffee but now you have one! Drink coffee - it's good for you :) 

coffee health benefits study

Full study published in the British Medical Journal can be found here: