The most important thing you can do to fight climate change

The start of a new week means it's time for a new Q Recommends post! This week's content recommendation is TED Talk done by Katharine Hayhoe about the climate change and what can we all do to fight against it. 

This talk is great because it isn't a doom-filled factual report making us feel guilty for living, but rather an inspiring talk inviting to think about what can we do to fight the climate change. And the one thing we can all do is simply talk about it. And talk about it in a way that doesn't create fear (fear is designed to help us run away from the bear but does not motivate us in a long-term)  or doesn't point any fingers blaming someone for not doing enough about the climate crisis we're in, but talk about this topic in a way that brings out a rational hope. Of course, we do need to recognise what's at stake, but what we need the most is vision of a better future and solutions that are viable, accessible and practical. And there are plenty of solutions that are so simple to implement in a daily life and not only they save the environment, they can also save you money and bring some health benefits! Simple life choices such as eating local or cycling/walking instead of driving will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will benefit your health too. 

Katherine finishes her talk reminding, that climate change is happening right there, right now and it is affecting all of us. But we can't give into despair, because by working together, we can fix it. And Q Instant team couldn't agree more! We do believe that these simple little changes are important and can make a positive difference at a personal and global level. That's why the packaging we use is certified as carbon neutral, meaning that CO2 emissions that are unavoidable producing packaging, are compensated by one of the carefully selected climate projects of Climate Neutral Group. We're not naive to think that one small coffee company using carbon neutral packaging will change the world, but we do believe that these little consumption choices we make in our lives do add up over time. 

If you want to see this inspiring talk, you can find it here.

Q Recommends Q Instant blog post about climate change and CO2 neutral packaging