What it takes to be successful?

Start of a new week means that it's time for our new content recommendation to kick-start your week.

This week's Q Recommends post is about  Take FLIGHT podcast with Victoria Pendleton. Being 2 time Olympic Champion and 9 Time World Champion cyclist & one of the most successful female Team GB Olympians of all time, she definitely is a well placed person to share a thing or two about how to become the best version of yourself. 

While this podcast is slightly longer than our usual 'coffee time listen/watch/read', we can't recommend it enough. Victoria is not only an amazing athlete but also unbelievably humble and fun person to listen to. In this episode she shares how naysayers motivate her to prove them wrong,  talks about what it takes to be successful at the very top in world sport. The experience of competing in the Olympics and winning Gold, twice! She and the host of the podcast, Mark Whittle, discuss how Victoria is using nature, horse riding and surfing to move away from a ‘marginal gains’ way of living and towards a mindset of letting go.

Give this podcast a listen and find out more about Victoria's habits, rituals and beliefs that power her to achieve her goals. 

Q Recommends coffee time reading recommendation