Our Story

The idea of Q instant started out from the love of coffee and growing concern about how our daily coffee habit is affecting the environment, particularly the amount of waste generated by single use coffee cups and coffee capsules. 

This is what inspired Kamile, the founder of Q Instant Coffee, to think about the sustainable alternative to make great tasting coffee at home, without the need of any expensive gadgets and without generating unnecessary waste that ends in landfill or oceans. After a bit of research, Kamile realised that creating a high quality instant coffee mix can be a solution to all these problems. Q Instant Coffee takes less time to make than you would spend in a queue at your local coffee shop, you don't need any expensive equipment or ingredients, and most importantly, it tastes great. Now, all you need to make good coffee at home is 2 tablespoons of Q Instant Coconut Coffee mix and mug of hot water.  

While we say that all you need to make a cup of Q Instant coffee at home is water, we appreciate that water is a luxury not everyone has. In fact, more than 700 million people don’t have access to safe water, putting them at risk of water-related sicknesses and forcing them to spend time gathering water rather than working or attending school. That's why we're committed to improve drinking water accessibility in the world, and for every pouch of Q Instant Coconut Coffee sold, we donate 10% of our profit to help tackle this problem and provide safe water for communities in need. You can find out more about this here