Coconut Coffee

Q Instant was created with the belief that a good cup of coffee has a power to create a moment of happiness in your day. That’s why we made Q Coconut Coffee - to energise you to bring out your best self while helping to improve lives of many others! Q Instant stands for high Quality and Quick to make coffee. Everything we do is based on 4 core pillars:

QUALITY. Our Q Coconut Coffee is made using high quality Ecuadorian instant coffee and coconut milk creamer. Make great tasting coffee anytime, anywhere, in seconds.

KINDNESS. £1 from every bag of Q Coconut Coffee sold goes towards organisation dedicated to bringing clean water to people in need.

SUSTAINABILITY. Our packaging is made of carbon neutral, 100% recyclable plastic.ENERGY. Our signature bright yellow represents the happy feeling that powers you to be your

best self while being mindful about others.